Was it worth it?

An article about how our justice system continues to fail us.

I know your first thoughts – “harsh statement” or maybe you think I’m just a young girl who knows nothing. I can imagine the lawyers saying “yes, girl you say it louder!” The truth is no one analyses how our justice system really works to have a strong opinion. Unless crime comes for you, kicks down your door, and howls in your face, there will always be that layer of the protective firm between you and the system. It is only ripped off, and the weeping sores expose, at moments we dare not dream of. Allow me to explain the injustice to you:

This summer just gone I made a statement to our remarkably accommodating police force. I had evidence on my phone which a 15-year-old – like myself – could understand was very serious. Was my phone taken for evidence? No. I was told to send these explicit videos to the man in uniform sitting across me; I ponder on where these videos reached after they popped up on his computer. Maybe they just sit there in his junk mail or maybe sold on the dark web for a pound a watch. Yes, that’s how much faith I have in the police. None. Not all will understand the problem with this innocent email act, I can shine a light on this taboo topic.

A video like this which is ‘evidence’ is no longer classed as evidence once sent to someone else; I don’t understand the logic behind that rule but hey, I’m just a little girl. I understand it was a police officer I sent this to however looking back, I would have got a better response if I airdropped it in Nando’s. Instead, this is what I got: “so, you’re telling me, this is the offence taking place! Wow, that’s just amazing.” No sir it’s not amazing; loathsome, abominable, repugnant – yes. You ought to understand that my phone was a vital piece of evidence that would make or break the case. Please, can you tell me why it was not taken?

This statement had to be said, not only for my own sanity but also my family’s. The next day when my mother was told it was out of their jurisdiction, everyone broke a little inside. I wish I could inform you as to why we got this response – I don’t think anyone can; this just shows the injustice. To know a nefarious being is walking around free is not only frightening but upsetting. The worst is knowing the people who are meant to protect this country let it happen. They let me and my family squash our sorrows as though they were actually the least toxic of all the world’s greatest poisons – our sorrows are not; they are powerful and present a message a society with little knowledge towards the justice system needs to take into their own homes.

Was it worth it? Of course not. To everyone who has read my example – there are millions like it: worse. The only way we can change this is together.

The light must be shown. Reality must be shown. Almost as if putting the truth on a podium and saying, “looks what’s happening as we pretend all is okay!” We must fight together for a justice system that won’t let us down. It will protect everyone. It will keep the evil away. It will make sure no innocent are misunderstood. It will listen to the victims and listen to us.

Now tell me, is that worth it?