We all know and love Carshalton Ponds, the lovely ponds and river, and the numerous birds inhabiting them. We've all walked through the park in which it resides, taken a deep breath, and thought about how serene it looks.

Carshalton ponds has always been quite a sight to take in and the recent renovations should help make it the best it can be. Renovations were to start November 2022 however the date was postponed due to nesting birds, the council decided that the wildlife mustn't be disturbed therefore the renovations started November 2023 and should be finished 16 weeks from then, approximately.

While walking across the bridge and seeing all the fences for the renovation I wondered what the public thinks of this. “At first I was terrified, I say they better not be building a road here, I was worried about the birds cause I'm sure they like their personal space. I wouldn't want them to be overcrowded”- one individual stated. The issue of the birds being overcrowded won’t be a problem since the pond will be much more suited for the birds and won’t cause problems for their nesting, the fish who will not naturally move downstream however will be removed by the main contractor to ensure their safety. A teacher at a local school expressed that, “It's good, otherwise we’d be overwhelmed with the stench of the pond”, many citizens undertake this quote as they walk past the pond on a regular basis. 

Many of the locals think that this renovation is for the best and will have a wonderful impact on the area. The renovations are quite expensive and you might be asking how any of this is possible, well, The Parks Team has received £430,000 of council capital funding to make this possible. The builders who work at renovating the pond have done a beautiful job so far working hard all day. We can see the progress and we hope that the end result will enhance the tranquil essence of our park. 

The last time the pond was cleared and repaired was 1996, the issues as of recent, has been the amount of silt that has built up to the point that you may see some of it in shallow areas of the pond, there is particularly a large amount of silt build up in the upper parts of the ponds, it has had many problems in the past such as discoloration due to issues such as increased heat. The renovations that don't include removing silt will most likely take place Late 2023 or early 2024.

The removal of silt has happened in both ponds however any further renovations will only be officially affecting the upper pond, no renovations are planned for the lower pond, any further plans will be official after the removal of the silt. 

I've gone through the general consensus in the neighbourhood. As you can see, the majority of the locals are very passionate about the pond and want to see it finished soon. One resident expressed their opinion with the quote, "I'm glad they're renovating it because soon the winter will come and the trash will be frozen and that would create a worse environment for the animals." 

With all the improvements being made to the pond, I must remind you that global warming has a significant impact on all wildlife. I must therefore implore you to be more mindful of your surroundings and to recycle and take the bus instead of driving to work. 

We're all happy that the renovations are taking place because they're for the best. Our park will soon regain its enchanted allure, become operational, and provide a better habitat for wildlife. We hope to see you walking in the park and taking in its beauty.