London film and comic con is a convention that takes place a few times each year. This spring it was held in Olympia London from the 29th of February to the 1st of March. I decided to go along to the convention on the 29th of February. Comic con is filled with enthusiasts for shows and films alike. These films and shows can include anime, marvel and DC as well as other well-known shows such as doctor who. The convention is a way for individuals to meet their favourite stars from shows and films, the stars that where present this time included the likes of Tosin Cole, Sylvester McCoy and many other well-known names. This event can encourage people to cosplay their favourite characters and show their love for the series or film.

There are many talks throughout the day, where individuals can ask the actors/ actresses any questions within a time period which is on average 30 minutes. I went to two talks throughout the day. The first one I went to included Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker both known for their role as the doctor on the hit show Doctor Who. Their talk was extremely amusing and there was plenty of laughs at the stories and jokes they told. This was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the actors as many individuals asked questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask them. Another talk I attended included Camille Coduri and Shaun Dingwall who are known for their roles in Doctor Who as Rose’s mum and dad. Their talk helped me gain an insight into what it was like filming for Doctor Who and what their experience of the show was. As well as this it also gave me an awareness of what their visions would be for the show if they were to come back as well as showing the closeness of the writers and the actors of the show.

The event also included many stalls that contained merchandise from all kinds of fandoms. There was extraordinary replica swords from games as well as shows. As well as this there was so much to see, even if an individual was not buying anything, it is extraordinary just to look around at all the artists and merchandise that was there.

Overall this was an amazing experience that I would definitely recommend for anyone who is considering going to the next London film and comic con.