It was an afternoon of chaos on busy Wimbledon streets with traffic and disruption and upsetting scenes following a road traffic incident in the heart of Wimbledon.

At 13:00 today, a car flipped over beside elys, Bushra Mahmood, who was just leaving the post office witnessed the aftermath of the event “I saw what I initially thought was a motorcade, in fact there were several emergency vehicles rushing to the scene. There were two police car that zoomed past me they were travelling very quickly. When I arrived to see what was going on there were 8 emergency service vehicles cramped around a car that was upside down on the corner of Worple Road and Wimbledon Hill Road.”

Bushra said “I saw a lady in her 20’s, exiting the car on all fours, she thankfully appeared to be unharmed, then she went to go and sit inside the nearest ambulance. There were shopping bags in her car, so I thought she was just going out to run errands”. Now the elys side of the road has been closed, consequently there has been traffic.

The car had been removed about two hours after the incident, Tom, a policeman who was monitoring the accident at 16:00 said, “All that I am able to say is that there was an accident here. I am not sure of how fast they were going. I know that there was only one vehicle involved. Thankfully emergency services responded quickly.”

Now emergency services are monitoring where the accident took place.