Most or many schools across London provide theatre schemes and drama for their students across the school year. These are enjoyed by so many students who describe their experience as ‘exhilarating’ and ‘unforgettable.’


A recent drama event that occurred recently was the Shakespeare Schools Festival in which over 750 schools participated, according to their website. This event was such an important thing in many students’ lives, as it allows them to explore themselves and discover new passion for theatre. The festival was an open opportunity for everyone, and every student had a fair chance in landing a role in their school's performance for this event.


Drama and theatre is crucial in many students' lives as they are able to experience something like no other. It helps them open up and speak more confidently. Although this is such an important thing, the performing arts are overlooked by other subjects in schools and in the media, and are viewed as 'throw away subjects' since they aren't STEM subjects. This is not the case at all, as drama is very educational in its own ways, and can be an escape from all the chaos in a teenager's life; It can be a place where they can let all their troubles fade into the background and live the moment without being stuck in the past.


Many schools don't get enough funding for drama and the performing arts, possibly restricting another student from being able to discover theatre, even though drama is just as important as STEM subjects or English. Many students have expressed their love and passion for theatre and have explained that their drama department hasn't been able to get a specific prop or costume due to shortage of money, and this shouldn't be the case. If one important subject such as science is able to have anything they need in a given time then why shouldn't another just as important subject like drama be able to have that benefit too?


By Nicola Lapinska.