On Saturday 9th November, the Collis fireworks filled the rainy sky with a spectacular array of dazzling lights. Along with the various food stalls and entertainment stands, it was a truly special event despite the rain showering down overhead.


The impressive display lasted 15 minutes, filling the sky with a large variety of different fireworks in a dazzling selection of colours. Furthermore, the array was backed by a carefully selected set of music, setting it apart from most firework nights which do not have this added feature.  Songs such a Coldplay’s ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ were timed along with the fireworks, really adding to the experience.


To accompany the main event, there was a delicious selection of food and beverages, including burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, pizza slices, hot chocolate and mulled wine. There was also an array of entertainment for the children, with fairground rides such as dodgems and a carousel drawing in the masses.


Organised by the Collis School Association (CSA), the event was a big fundraiser for the school and was run by a selection of volunteers, both parents and pupils. An effort was also made to make sure that the occasion was as environmentally friendly as possible. This included clearly labelled recycling bins throughout the site, all cups being biodegradable and organisers encouraging people to bring their own reusable cups.


I spoke to 14-year-old Lakshmi Aggarwal, a former Collis pupil, who said that ‘Despite the rain, the combination of the fireworks and music came together to form a thoroughly enjoyable display”. This shows how the downpour and mud didn’t put off anyone and made the experience even more memorable.


Overall, the Collis fireworks display was a thoroughly enjoyable event and unique in the fact that the fireworks were backed by a selection of recognisable songs. I will definitely be attending again for years to come!


Toby Gwynne