Recent News- The London Marathon Novelty costumes In recent years the London Marathon has been a great event ranging from bizarre wacky costumes for charity to record breakers trying their hardest to break the most recent fastest time of around two hours. There have been crazy costumes this year such as a sandal and a bright blue trainer nut nothing quite tops this one.

Lukas Bates from Maidstone, Kent came to the London Marathon as…. Big Ben. Yes, he came as the Palace of Westminster’s Elizabeth tower also known as Big Ben. The novelty clock wearer, Lukas, has run the marathon four times before but in his interview after the race he said, “This year I decided to do something different, have a bit of fun and wear a crazy costume.”

The record to beat was set by Richard Meitz at the berlin marathon in September last year which was, three hours, 34 minutes and 34 seconds however Lukas Bates finished it in a respectable three hours and 54 mins, quite far away from his apparent best of two hours and 59 minutes, however that was when he wasn’t dressed as a clock.

One slight problem that hadn’t got into Lukas’ mind was that the size of his costume would be a problem. Nearing the end of the race Lukas Bates is just about to cross the finish line when he gets stuck. For about 30-45 seconds him and what looked to be a friend of his were struggling to unhook his costume from the starting line. Maybe a more suitable costume for Mr Bates next year.