Who doesn’t love Christmas? Buying someone a coffee, giving an old man some money on the street, helping someone out. However now people are helping others, not because they want to but because they feel they have to. Christmas is a time for family, and friends, and meeting people and yet we go into Christmas making lists of what you want, and being asked what you want, and come out being asked what you got. Not did you see many people, or what did you eat, always about what you got, or what you want.

Many people know how christmas became about giving. It started when a pair of sister wanted to get married and start there life but they couldn’t afford the dowry. A man called Nicholas heard this and on christmas eve he got a bag of coins into there house which paid for their marriages. This gift was about helping them move forward in life. Since then it turns into many many more presents, that people don’t really need, but want.

As Advent continues to grow, advent calenders do as well. What started as flaps that revealed pictures turned into chocolates. Now you can buy stationery calendars, shop calendars and more. It's also not just for children any more adults are getting Advent calenders like, makeup calendars, John Lewis calendars, gin and tonic calendars and more. Size has also increased with tiny chocolates turning into celebrations, or bars.

Moreover now its custom for some families to buy a box filled with presents but give it to their child on Christmas eve, followed by the presents on Christmas day. This is then followed by lots of presents the next day. They can include pijamas, chocolate, colouring pencils, a book, a notebook or more, all things that are usually given on Christmas day. This means bigger presents are given on Christmas day.

Who doesn’t love presents especially at Christmas but sometimes the real message is lost, the just helping people out, whether you know them or not,  if it's just someone with a few to many bags to carry into their car, or a family relative you see once a year.