Scotland yard said that it would not be considering routine patrols and would only be taken in extreme circumstances.

Surrey Comet:

Armed police may be deployed to patrol areas of London where “gang activity is likely” following a rise in violent crime in the capital.

Scotland yard outlined that the move is still in early stages of disscussion. A statement from the Scotland yard said that it "would be a temporary measure for short periods of time" and used based on "an informed and reliable intelligence picture of where gang crime activity is likely".

Commisioner of police Cressida Dick said she was aware of the controversy of the proposal. However, Britains most senior police officer said that armed response vehicles were already responding to stabbings and  shootings in London whilst also supporting stop-and-search operations.

Knife crime is at a record level in England and Wales,with more than 39,000 reports  recorded from the year to June and even children as young as 9 being found carrying knives.

By Mason Clenshaw