Beauty standards in social media?

Nine out of ten teenage Brittish girls are unhappy with their body , being a teenager in today’s society is not as easy as it may seem, or may have once been ...

Today , young girls more than ever from a young age have been taught that beauty has a specific standard  we should strive to  be like , they circulate the toxic web of social media , that us as teenagers end up spiralling in our minds , making us question if we really are good enough for this ‘ideal’ image portrayed , that is ‘called’ beauty . We feel the need to change to conform to these unrealistic and edited ideas that distort the true meaning g of beauty, within and not just on the exterior . 

These representations of beauty include , having a small waist , a thigh gap , being “slim thick” , having an accentuated back , large breasts , an “hourglass figure” , being skinny , or being a particular model height . These are all very unrealistic botched lies that we are fed on a day to day basis , wether it’s scrolling through Instagram or watching tv  with the
Goddess like models that appear in advertisements. 

By believing and changing ourselves to match these ideologies we give social media power  and control by manipulating our minds .Ultimately decreasing our self -worth and confidence . As we restrain ourselves to reach our full potential .

Beauty has so much more depth , and it can never be defined because each and everyone one of us in this world is beautiful . Are we the same … NO , there is not one same person in this world , and at the same time we all radiate beauty .

The next time you look at yourself in the mirror , don’t just tell yourself you beautiful believe in it !
Beauty comes in the strengths we gain , the hardships we overcome ,the passions we develop and the live we give to others …