Drama Notes is an exciting new venture aimed at encouraging children to sing.  Run by professional vocal coaches Bee and Ziggi, the inspiration for DramaNotes came, as Bee tells me from a ‘realisation that in todays busy world, fewer and fewer children have the opportunity to sing. With music sadly being all too often deprioritised by schools, and school choirs themselves viewed as uncool, children are growing up without realising the simply joy and fun that comes from singing’.

In the words of Ella Fitzgerald ‘There’s only one thing better than singing, and that’s more singing’, and that is exactly what Bee and Ziggi hope to achieve at DramaNotes.  There are a whole array of benefits associated with singing: it relaxes you, it is good for mental wellbeing, it strengthens posture, and above all learning to sing in harmony with a choir is uplifting for the soul.  

By creating a ‘Rock and Pop’ choir featuring both modern and classic songs, Bee and Ziggi hope their choir will appeal to the younger generation.  Aimed particularly at 7-17 year olds the choir has been running for nearly a year and has attracted recruits of all ages.  The choir meets at 5pm on Saturday afternoons in Hinchley Wood in the hope that it won’t clash with other commitments the children have to do sport or dance classes etc. 

What really makes this choir stand out is that the children are really taught to sing, to learn to control their voices and theirbreathing. The youngest discover how to learn lines and sing basic notes whereas the older children are taught complex harmonies and shown how to properly project their voices, skills which will help them in the future whatever they do, be it acting, teaching or find themselves in the boardroom. 

The passion Bee and Ziggi have for this venture is obviously.   I had the privilege of attending one of their Saturday classes and witnessed Ziggi and Bee’s teaching.  Both qualified teachers they have a gift with children and are able to be both fun yet strict at the same time.  Rather than the fidgeting, chatting and messing around that would be my usual expectation of the younger age group I was impressed to see such respectful and diligent young boys and girls who listened to and attempted everything they were told.

Similarly the secondary school children also amazed me.  The speed at which they learnt their lines, the vocal warm ups they fully embraced, the notes they encouraged their voices to achieve, and the kindness and inclusiveness they showed to the younger members of the choir.

Most impressive of all was the sound the choir produced when they all came together.  From small groups in different corners of the room, each learning a different part to the song, they all came together at the end and produced an amazing version of Queens ‘We are the Champions.’  

I have been invited back to the Christmas Show which takes place 1st December which I am told is full of Christmas hits, amazing solos -and a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie for the parents.  

Here’s to Bee and Ziggi – wishing them every success in what I am sure will be a fantastic future.  Good luck DramaNotes!