What is gliding?

Gliding is the sport of flying without an engine. It’s an affordable way to get in a plane.

There are many places you can go to get into gliding. By going to the British Gliding Associations website, you can find a club nearest to you. You can buy gliding packages that involve lessons. This would be a good gift for someone who wants to try gliding out. Gliding is one of the few sports which allow you to do acrobatics in the air, this involves spins and barrel rolls. The World Gliding Championships, which happen every two years, is a way for professional pilots to compete. It is held by the FAI Gliding Commission.

A bit of history: In 1936 and 1940, gliding was an Olympic sport. It wasn’t until after world war 2 that it stopped being an Olympic sport.

I interviewed Shayan Hassanbigi and asked him what his favourite part of gliding was and why people should try it. He said this: “it is a freedom that anyone can experience” The main gliders are: 1. K13’s 2. K21’s 3. Grob 103’s Websites: British Gliding Association: www.gliding.co.uk FAI gliding commission: www.fai.org/sport/gliding