Wow, what a show! On the 17th of November 2018 Hakeem Onibudo ‘Mr Impact’ created “an original concept which offers emerging artists the opportunity to present work in a professional environment” . There was so much to see, starting with dance,rapping and beatboxing all from amazing young, upcoming artists - the youngest of them being 10 years old. Returning for the third and final installment Hakeem put on a night full of fun, electricity and inspiring performances. Since it was his last LIVEVIBE he wanted to do it with a bang!Throughout the show, in between an amazing line-up including: Uchenna Dance, Impact Dance, Future Formalities, Youth company Authenticity, Mbuelo N’Da Dance, Geni Lou, L’attisse Rhoden, The Place’s Centre for Advanced Training, Hobbit, Sebastian Sane and a duet by Josh and Jordan, Hakeem interacted with the audience getting them up out of their seats, and ‘Mr Impact’ himself danced with them; always keeping them on their toes. Every single performance was different and spectacular - it drew everyone out out their seats, on edge, wanting to see more. Each person performing conveyed the messages they were dancing to us through their emotions in their words or movement. They took you on a journey with them through the life around Grenfell tower fire now Authenticity conveyed, to Uchenna Dance’s extract of their new show Hansel and Gretel. I am sure to say that Hakeem Onibudo definitely put on a ‘LIVE’ night leaving everyone in the audience and the performers elated and blown away with the show which exceeded many people’s  expectations.