From 'The Lion King' (Hamlet) to 'West Side Story' (Romeo and Juliet), Shakesperean influences are ubiquitous in modern day culture; but who inspired the Bard himself?

This is the question Professor Sir Johnathan Bate aims to question in the series of lectures currently taking place at the Museum of London, part of the Museum of London's public lecture scheme.

Through diverse topics from 'Shakespeare's Heroes' to 'Shakespeare's Ghosts', the professor of rhetoric examines the Classical influences on the pre-eminent works of Shakespeare, providing easy access to complex theories such as Aristotle's 'Paradeigma' (or predicting future events through historical parallels- apparently) or the comparison of Hamlet's mother Penelope to the mythical Niobe.

Perfect for all students, be they A-Level, University, or just interested in classical culture, the Gresham College lectures shine a light on a notoriously convoluted world of iambic pentameter and couplets. Alannah Phillips, an A-Level student studying Classical Civilizations, English Literature, and Philosophy said: "the lectures were so relevant to all three of my subjects, I was actually buzzing after I left!"

Gresham college offers a wide array of lectures, including 'Existential Risks in the Cosmos' and 'Now That's What I Call Carols!'

The next Gresham College lecture: 'Shakespeare's Lovers', takes place on 23 January 2018 at the Museum of London.