Plans to introduce more controlled parking zones (CPZs) around New Malden High Street have been scrapped after a consultation failed to receive a sufficient enough response from residents.

Sep 24: Anger at plans for more controlled parking in New Malden

The consultation was launched by Kingston Council in July and received a response rate of 25 per cent, falling short of the 40 per cent needed to introduce the parking changes.

Of the 1,065 people who responded, about 40 per cent supported introducing the zones – many of whom were fed up with commuters parking close to their homes near New Malden station.

The council had originally planned to introduce six CPZs, including in residential areas around Coombe Road and Burlington Road.

Stefan Parrott, 41, of Grafton Avenue, lives with his wife and one-year-old child not far from New Malden station.

He was left frustrated with the consultation.

Mr Parrott said: “The issue is that they wanted to do it in such a big area.

“People were asked who were not really affected by the zones.

“There are people queueing when I leave in the morning just to park near the station. You cannot get a spot there until about 7pm, which is obviously not good for me or my wife.”

But Elinor Parker, 74, of Alric Avenue, protested against the introduction of the CPZs – even putting a poster up outside her house.

She said: “I am very pleased. There were people on the road that supported it, but my neighbours and I did not.

“I do not suppose it will go away, but we have seen off plans before, so I very much hope we can do so again.”

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