By Paul Gibson; Rayleigh Road, Wimbledon

Does Councillor Peter Walker know no shame? 

He refers to the Campaign to save Dundonald Rec as 'disgraceful whilst repeating the disinformation he has fed to the public and his party. 

It may be news to him but the pavilion is classified as public open space. 

Building another use on its footprint, in this case a dominant two-storey building sticking out into the Rec, together with an extended school playground and a large area of tarmac closed to the public during school hours, is a serious loss of public open space and contrary to Council planning policy.

This behaviour is par for the course.

Remember the consultation on options which said that the option now being pursued would involve no loss of trees? Now we learn that seven are for the chop.

Remember the heavily biased letter he sent out just before that consultation under his official title, resulting in an official inquiry?

Remember the look of hatred on his face as he tore down the posters in the video clip that got him sacked - and then claimed he was tidying up the railings, even though the only ones he removed were advertising a young lad's bike event in support of our campaign?

I, for one, have had enough of being branded some type of Tory stooge. 

I used to be proud of my local party when I was canvassing for Hugh Jenkins in Putney in the early '70s. 

Now I feel ashamed and sorry for the councillors left with his legacy. 

And sorry for the children at Dundonald who will be put through a long period of uncertainty and must then try to learn in the middle of a building site should the proposed inferior school extension be built. 

Councillor Walker will be pleased to know that I am terminating membership of his party and will devote my saved subscription to real improvements to Dundonald Rec.

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