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Recipe: Spiced marmalade glazed pork ribs with fresh radish salad

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Tuesday 21st October 2014

This dish is a great sticky winter warmer, or a brilliant excuse to try something new on the BBQ when the sun comes out.

Recipe: Sophie Michell’s Sweet Eve strawberry, fig and rosewater salad

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

Sophie says: “I often serve this as a summer dessert on warm balmy evenings. It's healthy, slightly unusual and very pretty. It also works well as a special breakfast fruit salad. You can find rosewater in most supermarkets and it’s worth the effort to get it as it really makes the dish.”

Quench your thirst with Twickenham Beer and Cider Festival

Surrey Comet:

2:00am Thursday 16th October 2014

More than 70 real ales and 20 ciders and perries will be available at the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) Beer and Cider Festival in Twickenham next week.

Recipe: Gluten free chocolate cake with Sweet Eve strawberries and raspberries

Surrey Comet:

6:00am Friday 10th October 2014

Sophie says: “This is a classic recipe that I love and have used for years. It's very easy and brilliant for people with or without wheat intolerances. It's wonderfully rich, so the Sweet Eve strawberries and BerryJewel raspberries cut through that perfectly.”

A barrel of laughs at the Cronx brewery comedy night

Surrey Comet:

5:00am Sunday 5th October 2014

The Cronx brewery hope to combine barrels of laughs with barrels of beer by hosting a comedy night.

Recipe: Sophie Michell’s Sweet Eve strawberry, raspberry, honey and honeycomb sundae

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Friday 3rd October 2014

Sophie says: “Everyone loves an ice cream sundae and this healthier yoghurt-based alternative is a real favourite. It's simple but very tasty with the honey and strawberries lending most of the sweetness. The Greek yoghurt adds some lower fat creaminess and tang and the honeycomb lends crunch...a real winner!”

Recipe: Streamline chicken & apricot tagine

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Tuesday 30th September 2014

This is a great way of introducing Middle Eastern zing to an easy midweek supper idea. A hearty main course bursting with flavour.

Recipe: Sophie Michell’s Sweet Eve Strawberry, Parma Ham and Parmesan Crostini

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Thursday 25th September 2014

Sophie says: “This is a wonderfully quick and aromatic way to introduce Sweet Eve strawberries into a savoury snack. The parmesan works really well with the strawberries and balsamic with the savoury sourdough being the perfect base.”

Over 1500 foodies flock to festival of flavours

Surrey Comet:

11:57am Monday 22nd September 2014

MORE than 1500 hungry foodies descended on Marlow on Sunday for a feast of flavours at a food festival, dubbed “a resounding success” by organisers.

Richmond Farmers' Market relaunches with Bamber Gascoigne

Surrey Comet:

3:00am Sunday 21st September 2014

Heron Square was filled with hustle and bustle once again as the Richmond Farmer’s Market celebrated its relaunch.

Find out why you should go, to The Meat Co

Surrey Comet:

6:07pm Friday 19th September 2014

Knowing when eating at The Meat Co that you are dining in its only restaurant in the country makes it feel extra special.

Recipe: Sweet Eve strawberry, goats cheese and black pepper tart

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Thursday 18th September 2014

Sophie says: “There is a theory that peppercorns really bring out the flavours of strawberries and I agree. This is a lovely combination, especially when paired with goats cheese. Plus it's a really interesting dish to bring out for vegetarian guests too. I like to serve these tarts with a green salad.”

Food review: Maybe I've lived a sheltered life but this burger bar's alco-milkshake was sublime

Surrey Comet:

2:53pm Wednesday 17th September 2014

When people said to me, “You could do with a good hard shake”, I didn’t know what they meant. Having experienced the joy of Blacks Burgers in Epsom I like to think I know exactly what they’re saying.

Thousands descend on Blackheath for inaugural music and food festival

Surrey Comet:

10:54am Monday 15th September 2014

Thousands of music lovers descended on Blackheath at the weekend for the inaugural OnBlackheath festival.

Elmbridge Food Festival calling borough's best bakers

Surrey Comet:

3:40am Sunday 14th September 2014

Keen bakers with a knead to display their culinary skills can do so in a bake-off, as part of the 2014 Elmbridge Food Festival.

Craft & Grill gets a mayoral opening

Surrey Comet:

2:30am Saturday 13th September 2014

Walton’s newest bar and restaurant, Craft and Grill, was officially opened by the mayor of Elmbridge, Councillor Barry Fairbank on August 28.

Recipe: Iced Streamline blackcurrant mousse

Surrey Comet:

6:00am Friday 12th September 2014

This delicious iced mousse makes a light and fruity finish to a meal.

Recipe: Sweet Eve Strawberry Meringue Kisses

Surrey Comet:

11:07am Wednesday 10th September 2014

This recipe is a great way of using Sweet Eve strawberries while they are in season, so you can enjoy them later in the year. Most people are surprised to discover that meringues freeze well, but as long as they are nice and crisp when you pop them in the freezer, upon thawing they’ll become chewy yet delicately light.

Bamber Gascoigne to re-open Richmond Farmers' Market

Surrey Comet:

2:20am Wednesday 10th September 2014

Richmond Farmers' Market will be relaunched in Heron Square, with an opening event featuring author and presenter Bamber Gascoigne.

Tenderstem, paneer and carrot sambhal served with poodla and Pink Lady® raita

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Tuesday 9th September 2014

Tenderstem, carrots and paneer are tossed in mustard seeds, turmeric and lemon juice and served with soft, fluffy poodla (spicy chickpea flour pancakes).

Elmbridge Food Festival launch promises tasty treats are coming

Surrey Comet:

3:00am Monday 8th September 2014

Foodies are getting ready to enjoy the best of the borough's food and drink with a food festival hoping to create a new landmark on the food-lovers' trail.

Pan roasted duck with a Sweet Eve strawberry red wine sauce

Surrey Comet:

10:00am Sunday 7th September 2014

Sophie says: “Duck pairs very well with fruity sauces and the Sweet Eve strawberries paired with red wine really makes for a comforting combination, perfect for autumn. The red cabbage with its light winter spices is also lovely. I suggest serving this with some rosemary and garlic roast potatoes.”

Recipe: Tenderstem kopytka (Polish gnocchi) with shallots and Polish ham

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Thursday 4th September 2014

Kopytka, meaning “little hooves”, are small Polish potato dumplings, similar to Italian gnocchi.

Recipe: Tenderstem galette with lardons, mushrooms and brie

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Sunday 31st August 2014

A galette is a savoury buckwheat pancake and naturally gluten-free. In France they often stuff their pancakes with ham and cheese and maybe a fried egg, or perhaps some goats’ cheese and lardons.

Hazelnut meringue and strawberry layer cake

Surrey Comet:

5:00am Friday 29th August 2014

Sophie Michell’s hazelnut meringue layer cake with Sweet Eve strawberries and raspberries

Recipe: Tenderstem bouquets wrapped in Pancetta served with aromatic Italian cod

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Tuesday 26th August 2014

This recipe is flavoursome and Italian at heart. It combines the flaky texture of cod with the fresh bite of Tenderstem. The delicate flavour of these two main ingredients is enhanced by crisp pancetta and the fresh, aromatic herbs. Great for a family meal and quick-to-prepare for a dinner party.

Recipe: Tenderstem and chicken Vietnamese noodle soup

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

Chicken & Bamboo is a classic Vietnamese noodle soup traditionally enjoyed at breakfast. This recipe demonstrates making your own chicken stock from scratch which can be frozen and used at a later date. This delicious soup is also warming and wholesome for when you are feeling a little under the weather.

Wandsworth Bake Off wants the borough's best chefs

Surrey Comet:

3:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

Pie-makers of Putney, sifters of Southfields, egg washers of Earlsfield and bakers of Battersea get your mixing bowls ready for the Wandsworth Bake Off.

BBC Good Food Festival hits Hampton Court Palace this weekend

Surrey Comet:

3:00am Thursday 21st August 2014

This weekend, the first BBC Good Food Festival graces the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Charitable pub tour pulling in at Percy Lambert

Surrey Comet:

2:00am Wednesday 20th August 2014

Britian's Biggest Pub Tour (BBPT), the first and largest pub tour attempted in the UK, is coming to Weybridge.

Recipe: Tenderstem and beef Lomo Saltado

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Monday 18th August 2014

Lomo saltado is one of the darlings of Peruvian home cooking. It is family-friendly and easy to make for guests. If you have everything ready and make the rice in advance, you can have dinner in the table in less than 30 minutes.

Plan a voyage to The Ship for bank holiday indoor market

Surrey Comet:

5:00am Sunday 17th August 2014

It’s always difficult to decide how to spend your precious August bank holiday weekend, writes Ella Griffiths.

Pink Lady apple and blackberry brown sugar Pavlova

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Thursday 14th August 2014

This wonderfully decadent dessert is perfect to serve at a large family gathering. New Zealand is home to the Pavlova and offers both Pink Lady apples and juicy blackberries, a perfect combination that will become a firm favourite whenever the occasion arises.

Recipe: Lamb koftes with Tenderstem and yoghurt dip

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Sunday 10th August 2014

These quick lamb koftes are served with a flavoursome Tenderstem dip. This easy-to-prepare, delicious and healthy recipe is great for family dinners and perfect for introducing Persian inspired flavours.

Foodies Festival returns to Battersea Park

Surrey Comet:

5:50am Thursday 7th August 2014

A huge celebration of food and drink is returning to Battersea Park.

Poached Pink Lady apples in wine with orange and pomegranate

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Wednesday 6th August 2014

A favourite to make while entertaining, the wonderful combination of flavours and colours make this simple easy food at its very best.

Pink Lady apple, raspberry and almond energy bar

Surrey Comet:

5:00am Saturday 2nd August 2014

Fabulously light, gluten free and with virtually no saturated fat, Pink Lady apple energy bars are packed with wholesome calories to supercharge your run.

Upmarket Italian restaurant San Lorenzo welcomes diners like old friends

Surrey Comet:

1:02pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

The friendliness of San Lorenzo keeps people coming back time after time.

Pink Lady apple, Sweet Eve strawberry, chicken and walnut salad, with quinoa and pink peppercorn dressing

Surrey Comet:

6:00am Wednesday 30th July 2014

Light and easy to digest, this deliciously nutritious and flavoursome salad will set you up nicely for a summer afternoon run.

Pink Lady apple Persian jewelled rice with pan-seared pomegranate duck

Surrey Comet:

6:00am Saturday 26th July 2014

Deliciously aromatic, deceptively impressive-looking, and jam-packed with goodness, this sustaining rice dish takes just 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

Fab Friday: Fringe event gives a taster of things to come at festival

Surrey Comet:

7:04pm Friday 25th July 2014

Foodies and music lovers can get a taste of what is to come at a charity fringe event before a major food and drink festival.

Cau makes for a meat-eater's treat

Surrey Comet:

3:41pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Like meat? Then Cau is the restaurant for you.

Saturday Kitchen's Susy Atkins talks summer food and wine at Chapters, Blackheath

Surrey Comet: Wine expert Susy Atkins filmed at Waitrose on Wednesday

10:34am Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Anyone who’s seen Come Dine With Me will understand – knowledgably pairing wine with food is a skills worth having, and some feel under considerable pressure to get it right.

Pink Lady apple buttermilk oat blinis with spiced Pink Lady apple Agave syrup

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Incredibly light and fluffy and so very tasty, these blinis will put a spring in your step!

Riverside café opens in Croydon’s Wandle Park

Surrey Comet:

5:50am Saturday 19th July 2014

A new café has opened in Wandle Park to add to the growing list of attractions for the increasing numbers of visitors who enjoy riverside walks in Croydon.

Pink Lady apple and fennel salad with pine nuts, parmesan and shallot dressing

Surrey Comet:

6:00am Friday 18th July 2014

This very easy to make Italian salad is delicate, fresh-tasting and crunchy. The sweetness of the Pink Lady apple complements the aniseed flavour of the fennel.

Simple Sweet Eve Strawberry Cheesecake

Surrey Comet:

7:00am Wednesday 16th July 2014

This strawberry cheesecake is an absolute doddle to make and will freeze well for up to 3 months. For the best results, cut the cheesecake into wedges while it is still slightly frozen in the middle.

How to freeze pureed strawberries by Justine Pattison

Surrey Comet:

9:00am Monday 14th July 2014

This method is ideal for sauces and smoothies or for making into mousses, soufflés, fools, fruity yogurt or fromage frais.

How to freeze strawberries ‘open frozen’ by Justine Pattison

Surrey Comet:

8:00am Monday 14th July 2014

This freezing method is best when you are going to be cooking the strawberries from frozen for jam, pies and crumbles or when the strawberries are fully thawed and then whizzed into a puree for making cheesecakes, mousses, fools and soufflés.This freezing method is best when you are going to be cooking the strawberries from frozen for jam, pies and crumbles or when the strawberries are fully thawed and then whizzed into a puree for making cheesecakes, mousses, fools and soufflés.

Double portion of pop up delights at Nine Elms

Surrey Comet:

3:00am Monday 14th July 2014

An inner city twilight zone, undergoing a huge transformation, will host two pop-up food events this summer.

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