Ever wondered if you can start and finish a Rugby World Cup in a day? It can be done, and the winners could even take home a cuddly toy.

Racal Decca RFC have organised the smallest Rugby World Cup and it will grace Tolworth next year The idea for the tournament came during a Racal Decca RFC meeting about the club’s development.

It was revealed casually that Racal Decca RFC are among the smallest rugby clubs in the world and the game was afoot.

One of the tournament’s organisers Robert Holmes said: “We are running a replica of the rugby world cup, just on a smaller scale.

“It is our chance for clubs to show they are unique and attract people.”

He added: “We need a minimum of 20 teams and we have had plenty of interest so far from clubs in Trinidad & Tobago, two sides from America, and a side from Bulgaria and Berlin.”

A main focus for the tournament is to give teams the chance to raise the profile of their clubs and to also support rugby at grass roots level.

Holmes added: “We want people to come and play and encourage people of all ages to get involved in rugby at club level.

“It is important that people know that tournament like these are possible and they can add so much to rugby clubs and their communities.”

He added: “The tournament has not been set up for clubs to make money.

“We want people of all abilities to embrace the game and have a good time and that is what we will try and provide.”

Decca, a former British gramophone manufacturer, had several social sporting teams for its employers including football, cricket, bowling and rugby.

Surrey Comet:

In action: Racal Decca RFC play in Combination Divison 3 of the Surrey RFU Reserve League 

The rugby club was formed in 1959 and is now the only surviving team.

Holmes, who is a player at Decca, said: “We have the full backing of the RFU and we are working on incorporating this event in to the Festival of Rugby.

“We are also pushing to get the Web Ellis Trophy to stop off en-route on its tour around the country before the World Cup kicks off for real.”

Teams that register will incur a joining fee, but is it is a very reasonable and affordable.

Holmes said: “The tournament is not about making money but teams will have to pay around £150 to join, which works out as about £10 pound per player.”

The teams that make the knockout stages will all be gunning for the cup, but there is also a plate, shield, bowl and a cuddly toy up for grabs.

For more details, go to pitchero.com/clubs/racaldecca1xv