A new name has now been added to those of Terry’s slimmed squad.

Curtis Osano renews his acquaintance to us after jetting in after his departure from Luton.

We’ve seen him in the past, including at Aldershot in the Trophy, and his recent performances suggest he could be a useful addition. He’s of a good age and heralds the beginnings of Terry’s new defence.

Terry is said to be in talks with a left back, centre backs and midfielders. If these come off and Jack "Mountain Man" Midson signs on, the squad would look much healthier.

Whether it will be sufficient to improve on the 16th of last season is impossible to say but where would a Dons fan be without a little self-belief and a willingness to take on Goliath? No names of new additions have been confirmed but caution needs to be exercised financially, as mandatory ground improvements have to be considered after a meeting in Wimbledon Civic Hall last Friday.

How these will be financed are going to mean a struggle, unless a good cup run comes off but then we’d face hosting Europa League games at the CRRS. Arrive early to get a parking spot.

Pre-season friendlies are lining up with what look like good tests.

Reading, West Ham, Preston, Portsmouth, Woking and Bognor should give players a good run out and a chance for fans to enjoy a trip to the seaside. Pity it’s not Eastbourne again as we do like that ice cream parlour on the seafront.

No sign of any pre-season friendly activity for reserve and development football since Marcus Gayle’s departure.

That section of the club is going to pivotal in delivering additions to the squad from within. We’ll keep a careful eye on them too.

Wimbledon ladies are also looking to improve their squad with trials being held in the near future. Those games against Arsenal used to be fun, even when sometimes you’d lose track of the score.

Pictures have surfaced of the works in progress of the Kingston Road end. It’ll be interesting to watch that develop and see it take shape.

It’s not quite on a par with the Olympic stadium but at least you stand a chance of getting a ticket to see something. You can even get a season ticket for the KRE. That’s the wonder of Wimbledon.

This week saw the 10th anniversary of the FA passing the buck, to the League and their three-men delivering their verdict allowing franchising in English Football.

Strange how something decreed as not being in the wider interest comes right back and shows the common man embracing football and how many pulling together can achieve greater than might be imagined.

If you take the start of AFC Wimbledon as the 28th of May, the 30th of May 2002, or like the London FA, 1889, celebrate the birthday of the Dons and dig in for another decade. Raise a slice of cake to all those that have helped and look forward to more progress in the future.

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