An ex-policeman and a magistrate have come out on top in a very close first round of votes in the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Kevin Hurley (Independent) received 26.12 per cent of the vote with 34,378 people voting for him, while Julie Iles (Conservative) won 26.13 per cent after 34,391 people voted for her.

The election is being held using the supplementary vote system in which voters make a first and second choice from the list of candidates. 

There will now be a second count of second preferences because no one candidate achieved at least 50 per cent of the votes in the first count.

The results in full were as follows:

Robert Evans: 17,384 (13.21 per cent)
Kevin Hurley: 34,378 (26.12 per cent)
Julie Iles: 34,391 (26.13 per cent)
Nick O'Shea: 8,503 (6.46 per cent)
Robert Shatwell: 10,684 (8.12 per cent)
Peter Williams: 26,292 (19.97 per cent)

The overall election result for Surrey is due to be announced later this evening.