Reporters hit the streets to drum up support for better safety in the road where Ali Nasralla was fatally hit.

The Surrey Comet canvassed people living in Robin Hood Way as part of our campaign to have speed bumps introduced and the speed limit reduced to 20mph to ensure that no more children die in the road.

We knocked on dozens of doors with about 30 residents signing our petition and not one person who answered the door refused to join the campaign.

The support from residents heaps further pressure on Transport for London (TfL) to stop, look and listen to our campaign to prevent another death on the road.

The eight-year-old school boy was knocked down while riding his bike on the road where he lives on March 6 but TfL, which controls the road, has yet to respond to calls for action.

Robin Hood Way resident Marilyn Walker said: “There are a lot of people speeding down here, even more so when there is a block on the A3.

"You are not allowed to come in this road from the A3 between 7.30pm and 9.30pm but it does not make any difference.

“In the past they used to have the police standing there but they do not now.”

John Fordham, who owns Fordham Sports in nearby Grasmere Avenue, said neighbouring roads are safer as they have speed bumps.

He said: “On a nearby road there are speed bumps, in fact most roads around here near the school have speed bumps, so why not in Robin Hood Way?

“Who knows what might have happened if they had put them in, maybe the poor lad would not have died.”

We still need your help to convince TfL to make these urgent changes.

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