Belfast-based band, A Plastic Rose, are set to play in Kingston next week, writes Catriona Harvey-Jenner.

The gig, which will be at The Hippodrome on St James’ Road, is one of 18 sets the four-piece will play on their tour across the UK.

The band has been around for a good few years, “longer than the Beatles, anyway” said guitarist and singer Gerry Norman.

They formed when he and band mate Ian McHugh, long-time friends from the South of Ireland, came together because they had “always planned on being in a band”.

The pair searched for two more members and found Troy Heaton who plays bass and David Reid on drums, to complete the line up.

Gerry describes their music as “angry songs for happy people”, and prides the band in keeping 1990s grunge music alive alongside the influence of their individual tastes in music.

He and Ian, also on guitar and vocals, write all the songs before they come together as a band to finish them off.

Touring is not a new concept for the group, who have already completed three this year alone.

But this time they are accompanied by a secret weapon in the form of the booking agent they share with Ed Sheeran.

He is taking them to places they have never visited before, including Kingston.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Sligo-born Gerry. The band, who supported Snow Patrol at a number of venues on their Fallen Empires tour in February, say they could appeal to a wide range of people, “We’re able to adjust our set to play with Snow Patrol, but we’d also able to adjust to play with Metallica.”

A Plastic Rose, Hippodrome, St James Road, Kingston, October 11, visit