A dance instructor will be walking six miles through London for charity tonight, joined by a blind Paralympian, after her daughter was diagnosed with eye cancer.

Lisa Pelluet ,34, will be taking on the Carrots Nightwalk with her friend Louise Hellings, 31, both from Worcester Park, with the aim of raising more than £300 for the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT).

Paralympian Darren Harris, a patron of CHECT, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma as a young boy and will also be on the walk.

The event has been organised by Fight for Sight and several eye-related charities, including CHECT, have signed up to be partners in the walk.

The money raised will go towards a research fund for retinoblastoma, which is a rare eye cancer manly affecting children under the age of six, and has lifelong consequences including blindness.

Ms Pelluet said: "After my daughter Abigail was diagnosed I wanted to do something to help other children in the future.

"CHECT is the only organisation in the UK which solely funds research projects into retinoblastoma so this felt like the perfect opportunity."

To donate money to Ms Pelluet’s cause visit www.justgiving.com/lisa-pelluet