Travellers who left Fairfield recreation ground only to drive straight to Surbiton Fish Ponds have not settled anywhere else in the borough, according to Kingston Council.

It was feared the council would have to apply to Kingston County Court again to have the group removed having already evicted them from the Fairfield.

But less than 24 hours after setting up camp in Surbiton on Wednesday afternoon they had left.

The five caravans arrived on the Fairfield in Kingston after driving in through a gap in fencing on Monday, June 18 at about 2.45pm.

A spokesman for Kingston Council said: “We have had no notification that they have cropped up anywhere else in the borough. We are however on high alert and will remain vigilant.”

Kingston Council has not yet revealed how much money the incursion on the Fairfield cost in security and legal fees.

But the council has a duty to find another 16 traveller pitches in the borough by 2017 to meet Government targets.