One of the triplets whose lives have been charted in the pages of the Surrey Comet has had surgery to correct a twisted spine.

Kirsty Wheeler, 24, was operated on for scoliosis and the curvature of her spine was reduced from 75 to 17 degrees.

The Kingston woman spent three weeks in hospital and is still recovering. Doctors say it might take her up until one year to get back to a normal life. The time required for the spine to fuse is between six months and a year.

Miss Wheeler, who has performed in Don Juan in the Rose Theatre, said: “Scoliosis isn’t well heard of and I’m hoping to go around schools and give talks to raise awareness.”

The Wheeler triplets, Cherly, Kirsty and Kellie-Marie, first appeared in the Comet pages when mum Annette gave birth in 1987.

Cheryl tragically died in 2006 and father Pat died in December 2011 of heart complications.