A drug dealer faces five years behind bars after the police discovered a stash of more than 91,000 ecstasy tablets.

Edward White-Overton, 48, from Surbiton was handed the five-year jail sentence at Kingston Crown Court, on Thursday, May 31, for the possession of drugs with intent to supply.

Police officers found the ecstasy along with 17g of cocaine when they raided properties used by White-Overton in Claremont Gardens, Surbiton and Park Road, Kingston, in March this year.

White-Overton, who is understood to have helped children in the local community at his martial arts gym in Park Road, Kingston, pleaded guilty to the charges.

Detective Inspector Simon Day said: “I don’t think we have ever seen so many ecstasy tablets in Kingston. It may be the largest seizure we have had.

“That is a huge haul. If that was sold individually on the street its £275,000 worth of drugs.

“For Kingston and anywhere really that’s a significant find for us, one of the most significant we’ve had in a number of years.”