The search is on for the hero who rescued a three-year-old girl who had fallen into the Thames.

Nahla Weeks, who cannot swim, lost control of her bicycle on the slope near the riverside pathway near Palace Road, Kingston, just after 4pm last Friday (May 12) and she tumbled into the river.

Her nanny and two siblings watched as a man jumped in after her without hesitation, and dragged her out after she had spent about five seconds underwater.

He handed her back to her nanny, and two other passersby who had stopped to help, and went on his way.

Nahla was then taken home to her parents, who live nearby and had spent the day in London celebrating her dad’s birthday, and they immediately took her to Kingston A&E.

She was checked over but thankfully had nothing wrong other than some cuts and bruises.

Yasmine Weeks, her mum, said: “It was shocking but initially we were just on autopilot. It was only later we realised that it could have had a very different ending. Had that man not been passing, she could have drowned.”

Yasmine has found the two other people who helped Nahla, but is now looking for the man who jumped into the river.

She said: “I really want to find him to thank him. There are no words to say thank you enough. We cannot express the gratitude that we feel.”

The man apparently lives nearby, was walking a small dog, and is in his 60s or 70s.

Since beginning her appeals on social media, Yasmine has been contacted by a mother whose son drowned in the river in Kingston several years ago, which she says has strengthened her resolve to find the man.

Yasmine said: “Even if this reaches him but he doesn’t get back to us, we just want him to know that we are so grateful.”

Anyone with information can call the newsdesk on 0208 722 6315 or email, for it to be passed to Mrs Weeks.