Hersham Paddling Pools have been closed until Thursday, after a number of children developed rashes.

Tests have been carried out as a precaution before the pools are due to re-open on Thursday, August 21.

Worried parent Rachel Keywood posted on Facebook: "My son went paddling in the pool up to his shins and he has red rash like spots up to his shins, so it’s gotta do with the pool."

Tests were carried out on Saturday morning, with this week's closure decided upon as a preventative measure.

Since some concerns were raised on Friday, August 15, the popular place for children to play in the summer months has seen a few cases of skin complaints.

However there have not been anymore complaints since Saturday, August 16, and not all the children that were in the pool at the weekend had developed skin complaints.

There were suggestions the cause may lie in the surrounding area.

Sara-Jane Whitehead said: "Both my children were there on Wednesday and have been fine. My little boy has quite sensitive skin too."