A Chessington woman has lost patience with a supermarket taking three times as many daily deliveries as was promised when it was built.

Up to three lorries supply Lidl, in Leatherhead Road, every day, but the chain told councillors in 2008 there would be only one a day.

Katie Wright, 26, lives above the loading bay and said she would not have moved in two years ago, had she known about the problem.

The mother-of-two said: “Sometimes my whole flat shakes with the noise. I've been told to keep diaries. Nothing has got done.

“They offered me £100 in gift vouchers. I've probably spent more than that in phone calls on complaints.”

Son Louie, six, and daughter Evie, seven months, are often woken from naps or kept awake by the lorries, but council officers said they could not help, Miss Wright said.

A 2008 Lidl plan said stores had “one dedicated delivery per day” to minimise disturbance.

Noise consultants gave the development the thumbs-up after taking into account the “insignificant” single delivery.

Kingston and Surbiton MP Edward Davey said the situation was “intolerable”.

He added: “This has dragged on far too long. Lidl must act properly and urgently now to address Katie's problems.

“If Lidl don’t act, the council must enforce.”

A Lidl spokeswoman said: “It has been essential to deliver more than once a day in order to ensure product availability.

“It is simply not possible to service this store with one delivery per day.

“Lidl is aware that this conflicts with the information submitted with its original application.”

An application by Lidl to allow three deliveries a day from Monday to Saturday, and two on Sundays, is being considered by Kingston Council officers.

A council spokesman said enforcement action could only take place after the application is decided, but would have to be weighed against any impact on the store's success.

He added: “The council has sought to work with Lidl to restrict the impact of deliveries on residents in the interim.”