An elderly cat has been found wandering around away from his home and the RSPCA wants to trace his owners.

The black and white moggy, nicknamed Edwin by RSPCA  staff, was found in a garden in the Avenue in Worcester Park on Friday, June 20.

Vets believe Edwin is elderly but is in good health and they think he may be suffering from cat senility that led to him getting lost.

RSPCA inspector Natasha Wells said: "Edwin is such a sweet natured cat and we’re sure he has been and is loved. He likes a cuddle and a bit of fuss, and I have a feeling there’s an owner out there missing him.

"He’s not as young as he once was and has some age-related health problems so could well have lost his way due to being a bit senile, which can happen in older cats.

"Perhaps he went on a wander and forgot his bus pass so couldn’t get back!

"He’s still full of beans and has got a few years left in him though so we would love to reunite him to his owner if we can.

"But we have put posters up and used our usual methods and there is still no clue to where he has come from."

Older cats can suffer senility similar to Alzheimers. Symptoms include the animal becoming confused in unfamiliar surroundings.

If Edwin is your cat or you recognise him, you can call the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.