A kitchen fitter knifed in the face a love rival who texted his girlfriend telling her to dump him.

Darren Mayle, 34, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to Martin Brammelly in an attack at the victim’s home in St Albans Road, Kingston, on New Year’s Day.

Having previously denied the charge, Mayle, of nearby Aldersbrook Drive, changed his plea today - on the day his trial was due to begin at Kingston Crown Court.

His victim has been left with a permanent 3 to 4 cm facial scar.

Defence counsel Joao Arsenio said: “This is a regrettable incident that started because of something that Mr Mayle was told by a lady he was with.

“This lady told Mr Mayle, he [Mr Brammelly] had sent her a text message saying ‘dump him’ and that was really what triggered the whole incident.

“Mr Mayle took this as offensive - that is what led to Mr Mayle going to Mr Brammelly’s house to face him. It was clearly a lack of judgement, excessive impulse.

“He has asked me to convey his deepest apologies to Mr Brammelly.”

The court heard the pair had known each other having worked together as carpet fitters.

Mayle had been drinking beer and smoking cannabis earlier in the day before he stormed the home just before midnight.

He had texted his victim: “Open the door or it’s going in.”

Mr Brammelly tried to call police but was distracted by a 10-minute struggle which left him with the facial injuries, the court heard today.

He sounded the alarm after managing to throw the weapon out of the front door.

Mayle went out to fetch it, shouting: "I will come back and shove the knife down your throat”.

Judge Ann Mulligan addressed the balding defendant in the dock and said: "You have pleaded guilty to an extremely serious offence.

"You did react in a totally disproportionate manner. You clearly lost control and took with you a knife to the victim’s home.

“This was a hugely traumatic incident and it has had a long-standing affect on him – the scar which is permanent is only one of these."

Mayle’s sister, who sat in the public gallery with his father, quietly sobbed as he was sentenced to four years and eight months – at least half of which will be served in custody.

Mayle who has previous convictions for public order offences dating back to 2005, also had an aggravated burglary charge left on file.