Temporary traffic lights will be rejigged tonight to ease traffic jams since yesterday evening at College Roundabout roadworks.

Thames Water is installing waste and surface water connections to new student flats at 1 Penrhyn Road.

A Kingston Council traffic update said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by and will continue to work with Thames Water and their contractors to minimise the impact.

“Thames Water has a statutory right to carry out the work.

“The council’s responsibility is to do what it can to minimise the disruption caused, coordinate them around other activities on the road and to ensure safe working practices are adhered to.”

The council will meet with traffic managers to try and reduce the jams.

Temporary traffic lights will be operated manually during rush hour, from tonight, Kingston Council said.

It said work had been timed for half term week.

The work is set to end on Tuesday, June 3.