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LIVE: Kingston Council count heads towards eight hour mark

Last updated:

    Party has to hit 25 seats to guarantee win
  • Con 28
  • Lib Dems 17
  • Lab 0
  • UKIP 0
  • TUSC 0
  • Green 0
  • Independent 0
  • BNP 0


Dog whistle 11:58pm Sun 25 May 14
Interesting to note that Davey now decides to mention the former local Lib Dem leading light, Osbourne,..I suppose someone has to take a measure for blame for the flogging so blaming the bloke in prison is a good start..basic politics I guess.
Score: 1
Voice of Reason & U Know It 7:27am Sat 24 May 14
Brilliant, the Lib Dems have had their bottoms spanked and very well deserved it was. They let down the traditional left wing voter in this borough who normally vote Lib Dem to keep the tories out. When the Lib Dems formed an alliance with the Conservatives (I.e. a party repugnant to all their previous voters with left views) they alienated a large part of their traditional support in the borough. It is therefore supremely ironic and satisfying to those such as i seeking revenge for the Lib Dems actions that by voting Tory (sometimes one has to do disgusting things) we have brought their downfall If the lib dems do not come out and apologise for the Con Dem pact before the general election i will probably vote Tory to get rid of Edward Davey. If and when there is a possibility that the Lib Dems have learnt their lesson and respect the left wing views of a substantial amount of prospective voters in the borough/constituency then we may start voting for them and get rid of the disgusting Tories which no one in the Liberal or Labour tradition can bear
Score: 1

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