The future of Kingston will be decided today as voters go to the polls to decide who runs the borough.

Liberal Democrats hope to keep hold of Kingston Council while the Conservatives aim to win the 25 seats necessary to have overall control for the first time in decades.

Four years ago the Conservatives were convinced they had toppled the Liberal Democrats from power, only to suffer disappointment on the night as their rivals increased their number of seats.

Labour, Greens, UKIP, Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts and the BNP also have candidates.

There is also a European election vote today with candidates including Kingston Liberal Democrat Simon James and Conservative Syed Kamall.

The Liberal Democrats control Kingston Council as the party with the most seats.

  • Liberal Democrats: 25
  • Conservatives: 22
  • Independent: 1

Liberal Democrat leader Liz Green tweeted this morning: "Here's to a busy but enjoyable day ahead."

After the polls close at 10pm counting the votes could take until 5am or 6am, though one of the parties could reach the magic number of seats - 25 - before then, handing them the reins of power.

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