Your idea of a pleasant evening at the pub might be a little different to this man’s.

Brett Alderton decided playing swingball for a full 24 hours was a splendid way of passing his time at The Lamb, Surbiton, but put it to good use by raising money for Creative Youth, where he is a trustee.

Mr Alderton, 36, said donors had given about £2,000, exceeding his target of £1,234.

He added: “Afterwards I had a restorative pint of lager and went straight to bed. My right arm didn’t work for a couple of days, but that’s not important to me in life. Otherwise I was relatively unscathed.”

However, news reporter Alex Beard of newly-launched LondonLive managed to add injury to exhaustion when she accidentally hit Mr Alderton in the face with the tethered tennis ball.

Young children put up fierce challenges after he threw down the gauntlet to all comers, he said, while sozzled regulars presented “their own kind” of difficulties.