Now I’ve lived in the area a good while now and this week I’ve realised there are many undiscovered gems for me to find.

They always say it’s what’s right under your nose, you often pay least attention to and I’d have to agree.

Maybe it’s because I’m now a mother-of-two (and still can’t believe it) and that has forced my better half and I to be more inventive and investigative in our searches to find interesting things to do closer to home in order to accommodate the all-important nap routines.

Well this week we had a fun adventure. We headed to Ham and walked all the way down Ham Street admiring the stately homes before heading down to catch the Hammertons ferry across the Thames.

Luckily it was a sunny day with the odd puddle scattered along the path for my toddler to jump in. The comedy moment came when Michael had to precariously carry the double buggy onto the boat with the baby inside.

The view of Richmond Hill was spectacular and although my son was a little reticent at first, he soon enjoyed his little boat ride.

A lovely early lunch in the Marble Hill House cafe was a much-needed rest after lots of running around playing “catch” and then we headed back.

I have to say Ham House is absolutely grand, but my son was more impressed by the mounds of horse manure he had to dodge.

At one point he was trying to stop cars to tell them to be careful and avoid at all costs.

You’ll be pleased to know we arrived home in time for a quick drink before the little ones were put to bed… and daddy and mummy went for a nap!