From March 12 2004

Kingston man Sidney Scales, who uttered the words "Sie sind verhaltet" (you are under arrest) when he detained the German cabinet at the end of World War II, died ten years ago this week.

The former army sergeant passed away aged 87 on Sunday, February 29 2004 and was buried in St John the Baptist church in Kingston Vale.

As a speaker of English, French, German, Flemish, Dutch and Italian Mr Scales had some unusual war stories.

None more so than the day in 1945 he raided a hospital in search of top German officials.

With Hitler dead and the German government on the run, a room by room search uncovered the cabinet sheltering in the hospital - and it was German speaking Scales who issued the arrest orders.

Sgt Scales' war service also saw him drive Hitler's staff car and hear the Mayor of Mechelen's liberation speech.

The mayor of the Belgian town had been suffering from a serious illness, and died just two hours after his city was liberated.

Sgt Scales was ahead of the advancing allied forces and was one of just two soldiers who heard the speech.

After the war he lived for a while in Germany, assisting the post war recovery and de-Nazification effort.

He later returned to England and worked for London County Council, the predecessor to the Greater London Authority.

He rose through the ranks of the council, eventually overseeing the education budget for inner city London.

Predeceased by his wife Trudie he was survived by his three children who all grew up in Robin Hood Lane, Kingston.

Sgt Scales was a keen winter sportsman who had fond memories of skiing and tobogganing in Richmond Park in the heavy snows of 1962.


50 years ago March 11 1964

Queen's guides awards were presented to two girls of the 1st Cuddington company, at a ceremony in St Phillip's Church hall, Worcester Park.

Linda Hodge, 16, and Nicole Brett-Holt, 15, both of Worcester Park, had joined the company together five years earlier.

Both were hoping to train as Brownie leaders.

25 years ago March 10 1989

Husky racers were seen in Richmond Park as Teddington resident Barry Alderslade trained for the UK dogsled racing tournament. The lack of snow was not a problem as competitors use carts made from BMX bikes.

However he suffered a slight set back when his huskies chased after a squirrel, landing him in a ditch.

10 years ago March 12 2004

A 30ft waterspout closed Clarence Road in Kingston after builders smashed a fire hydrant outside the Three Kings pub. The plume of water, twice the height of a double-decker bus, closed the pavement but traffic was unaffected. Traffic manager Dave Springle assured residents this was unconnected to previous gas and water leaks