Jacqui Dankworth should feel right at home when she takes to the Rose Theatre stage this Sunday.

Aside from being an internationally renowned jazz singer, the ludicrously talented Dankworth is also a consummate actor, having performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company and appeared in the Oscar-winning film adaptation of Les Miserable.

“I started out wanting to be an actor,” confesses Dankworth, who will be performing at the Rose for the second time on March 9.

“Then I formed a band with my partner at the time and it just started taking over. It was kind of a cross over band, and in a way it was quite ahead of its time.

“It was quite weird and wonderful and it took off a bit. Then I did my first solo album and just stayed with the music.”

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Dankworth’s latest album, Live to Love, was released late last year, and features several original compositions penned by the singer herself.

Does she enjoy the songwriting process, or does she prefer singing the classic crowd-pleasers?

“I like doing both,” she says. “The old classics have been around for years and stood the test of time, but it’s also fulfilling to write your own material, and hopefully some of its good.

“All the standards were new at some point, and they only become popular with familiarity.”

Dankworth is also looking forward to returning to the Rose, which she last played five years ago.

“I remember last time I played there it was quite last minute so I’m looking forward to this one when we’ve got a bit more lead time.

“I have always been struck by the theatre. It’s quite Shakespearean.”

Jacqui Dankworth, Rose Theatre, High Street, Kingston Sunday, March 9, 7.30pm £14 to £19 Call 08444 821 556 or visit rosetheatrekingston.org