Hundreds of revellers descended on an empty warehouse in Chessington for an all-night rave that neighbours say kept them up until the early hours.

It is understood the rave took place inside a disused unit on the Chessington Industrial Estate, in Cox Lane, and ended at around 8.45am today.

One resident, who did not give their name, contacted the Surrey Comet this morning to say they had been awake all night because of the noise eminating from the illicit party.

They said: "People living by Chessington Industrial Estate were kept up all night because of a rave that was organised in a commercial building.

"We tried to call the police at midnight but they said there is nothing they could do.

"There were hundreds of young adults roaming the streets making noise and the music is heard in the surrounding areas.

"The music is still going on at 8.30am and only two police cars on site who said that they only started at 8am and were dealing with it.

"It just looked like they were having a chat to some of the party goers.

"Letters to the council will be written."

The rave had earlier been flagged up by several people on Twitter.

One user asked: "who else at this rave in Chessington" while another tweeted: "does one know where the rave in chessington is?"

Meanwhile, another party goer tweeted: "Rave is in chessington get down here lads".

Others reported hearing the noise two and half miles away in Berrylands,  while one person joked: "This rave wakes my kids up i won't be happy! #wheresmyinvite #chessington".

Kingston police confirmed that he rave took place this morning on its official Twitter account.

The @MPSKingston feed said: "An overnight #rave in an empty #Chessington warehouse has ended. We are working with @RBKingston to deal with this site."

Were you affected by the Chessington rave? Did you go? Contact the news desk on 0208 744 4255 or email