Form filling is one of life’s necessary evils that just has to be done from time to time.

But a New Malden pensioner believes Kingston Council has gone too far when it comes to applying for a new blue badge.

Roy Benzing cannot undersand why he has to fill in a 20-page application just to renew his disabled parking pass.

The 88-year-old, who has arthritis and osteoarthritis, believes the level of information asked for by the council is excessive and unnecessarily personal.

To compound the matter, Mr Benzing even travelled to the council’s offices in Kingston, where a member of staff helped him complete the form.

It was returned to him later that week, along with his £10 renewal few, because it had been filled in incorrectly.

Mr Benzing, from Thetford Road, said: “It’s a complete waste of time.

“I went to the council and received assistance in filling out the form. They sent it back saying I has to answer all of the questions, not just some. Some of the questions they ask – surely they don’t need to know all of this stuff?

“They want to know what medication I’m on and when I take it, what my religion is, who my doctor was when I was in hospital. Is that really the business of the council?”

Mr Benzing’s St James ward Councillor Priyen Patel said: “I almost didn’t believe him on the phone so I went to visit.

“The whole thing’s just nonsense. He even went to Kingston Council to get help, and they got it wrong.

“You would think the easiest thing to do is to give your GP’s name and address and let them sort it out.”

Surrey Comet:

Mr Benzing even went to Kingston Council for help - but a worker filled the application form in incorrectly

A Kingston Council spokesman said the authority would look into why Mr Benzing was given the wrong information during his visit, adding: “Applicants for a new blue badge have to complete a form and provide information about medical condition, mobility and proof of residency.

“Department for Transport guidance states we cannot rely solely on GP recommendations.

“If the applicant is not automatically eligible based on the benefits they receive then an independent occupational therapy mobility assessment is arranged.”

Age Concern Kingston and Kingston Centre for Independent Living (KCIL) both said the application form was standard for people who did not automatically qualify for a blue badge.

Both charities offer assistance for people requiring help with forms.

Visit KCIL's website here, or click here for Age Concern Kingston