The brother of murdered Claygate man Saad Al-Hilli has been released from police bail and will face no charges, Surrey Police have said.

Zaid Al-Hilli, 54, of Bray Court, North Parade, Chessington, has been on police bail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder since June 24 last year.

Saad, 50, of Oaken Lane, his dentist wife Iqbal, 47 and her mother, Suhalia Al-Allaf, 74, were shot dead in their BMW while on a camping holiday in the French Alps on September 5, 2012.

A French cyclist Sylvain Mollier, was also shot dead on the remote forest road in Chevaline, near Lake Annency.

Zaid Al-Hilli was arrested at about 7.30 am last summer and items including a plastic box, a ladder and two bags were taken from his flat.

But Surrey Police said today there was insufficient evidence to charge Mr Al-Hilli, who worked as an accountant at Burhill Golf Club in Hersham.

Speaking on the first anniversary of his brother's murder he said: "I have no idea who killed them. Absolutely no idea."

He had also spoken in October to the BBC about a family feud, telling them he was attacked by his brother.

He said: ''They are covering up for someone in France in that region and they know it.

"Sylvain Mollier was involved in family disputes and was an outsider to (his) rich family. There is something more to it locally - most crime has local roots.'"

It was previously reported that the two brothers were locked in a feud over the Oaken Lane home left after their mother died from a heart attack in 2003, which they both wanted a share of.

Zaid Al-Hilli told the BBC:  “He pinned me down. I was on the bed in my bedroom and he pinned me down. That’s it. That’s all.”

The two Al-Hilli children, both former pupils of Claygate school, survived the attack.

Zainab, then seven, was shot and pistol whipped by the gunman but survived the attack and Zeena, then four, escaped unharmed after she hid beneath her mother’s skirt.

Atention has turned to Mr Mollier as the possible intended target.

The Sunday Times reported that an alleged vow of silence by those close to Frenchman Sylvain Mollier, 45, had fuelled claims that someone he knew wanted him dead.

The newspaper also reported that Mr Mollier was shot seven times. The Al-Hillis who were killed had been shot three times each, all once in the head.

It was alleged Mr Mollier was involved in a dispute over a pharmacy business that was being transferred to his 30-year-old girlfriend by her parents and had left his job as a metalworker at a factory making nuclear components.

Police also uncovered romantic secrets Mollier of Mr Mollier and said he received a call from his ex-wife seconds before he died, it was reported.

An image of a a male motorcyclist seen riding in the area between 3.15pm and 3.40pm on the day was released by French detectives as part of their investigation in November.

At the time French prosecutor Eric Maillaud said: "The motorcyclist who we are trying to find was seen by officials from the National Forestry Office a short time before the murders, and in the proximity of the car park where the murders took place. It is completely unknown who he is.

"It could be that he was on a walk and did not see anything; that he is someone who saw something (a witness); or that he is the perpetrator of the murders. All these hypotheses are being considered."

The French-led inquiry has also investigated possible links between Saad Al-Hilli's work as a satelite engineer and links to his native Iraq and his family.

Around 100 police officers in Britain and France have been working on solving the killings.