Plans to relocate adult education and Kingston’s archives from the North Kingston Centre ahead of the building of a free school are at an “advanced” stage.

Councillor David Ryder-Mills, lead member for schools and continuing education, said Kingston Council would find somewhere for the services currently based at the Richmond Road site.

But it is unlikely they will all be under one roof again, he added.

Coun Ryder-Mills said: “That work is quite advanced now.

“There’s good work going on, but we have to start consulting with the services before we can release any more information about where our preferred sites are.

"There’s lots of different services there. They are not all going to the same site, but there’s going to be a good solution for all.”

Coun Ryder-Mills also said it was unlikely the school would open in time for the September 2014 intake, as originally planned.

Funding is being negotiated with the Department for Education.

Conservative Councillor Andrea Craig, who represents Canbury ward where the North Kingston Centre is based, said: “Our residents are relieved the free school bid has been accepted, but there’s still work to do.”

Borough archivist Jill Lamb, from Kingston local history room, said: “Adult education will be in this building until next summer. We assume we’ll be there too.”