Conservative candidate Julie Iles has won the backing of Elmbridge in her bid to become Surrey’s police and crime commissioner.

She gained 4,382 votes, compared with independent candidate Kevin Hurley, who got 3,772 votes.

Fewer than two in 10 registered voters in Surrey came out to select the county’s police and crime commissioner, statistics have revealed.

All districts and boroughs have now submitted their overall turnout figures, which stand at 15.70 per cent for Surrey.

This is from a possible total votes in Surrey of 856,968.

The percentage of overall postal votes received was 47.11 per cent, from a total issued of 133,447. The percentage turn out at polling stations was 9.91 per cent.

Elmbridge Council confirmed its overall turnout as 15.05 per cent, with 46.12 per cent people who requested postal votes sending them back.

The turnout at polling stations was 9.73 per cent of all registered voters.

The lowest turnout figures in Surrey came from Runneymede, with an overall turnout of just 12.27 per cent.

Final results are expected a the end of the day but several other Surrey areas have returned results. 

Elmbridge results in full

  • Julie Iles (Conservative) 4382
  • Kevin Hurley (Independent) 3772
  • Peter Williams (Independent) 2660
  • Robert Evans (Labour) 1835
  • Robert Shatwell (UKIP) 965
  • Nick O’Shea (Liberal Democrat) 678


How other areas have voted

Early results suggest the front runner could be Independent candidate, Kevin Hurley, with Julie Iles, Conservative, fighting for the top spot.

  • Runnymede: 1 Hurley 2 Iles 3 Williams 4 Evans 5 Shatwell 6 OShea
  • Spelthorne 1 Hurley 2 Iles 3 Evans 4 Williams 5 Shatwell 6 OShea
  • Tandridge: 1 Hurley 2 Iles 3 Williams 4 Shatwell 5 Evans 6 O'Shea
  • Epsom: 1 Hurley 2 Iles 3 Williams 4 Evans 5 Sharwell 6 O'shea
  • Guildford: 1 Hurley 2 Iles 3 Williams 4 Evans 5 O'Shea 6 Shatwell