Fewer than two out of every 10 voters in Elmbridge have turned to vote for the person who will control Surrey Police, according to early indications.

The Police and Crime Commissioner will be elected today as votes are counted across the county.

Walton councillor Andrew Kelly, who is at the Elmbridge borough vote count at Sandown Park, said the verification of votes had been completed and votes were now being counted.

Low voter turnouts have been reported across the country, with figures as low as 10% in some areas.

An early unofficial figure suggested that Elmbridge had a turnout of 15%.

An official turnout figure for the borough is expected by 1pm.

The first vote count is expected is expected by around 3.30pm this afternoon.

The Surrey Police area returning officer will then announce whether any candidate has reached 50% of first choice votes.

If a candidate has reached this quota, they will be elected as the Surrey Police crime commissioner.

If no candidate reaches 50% of the votes, second preference votes will be counted for the two candidates who have received the most votes.

The candidates for Surrey are Robert Evans (Labour), Julie Iles (Conservative), Nick O’Shea (Liberal Democrat), Robert Shatwell (UKIP), Kevin Hurley (Independent) and Peter Williams (Independent).