On my pubgoing travels, the Woodstock pub has not had the best reputation in the borough.

So when I heard they had turned themselves around I was sceptical.

Expecting a rough-and-ready local watering hole full of underage drinkers in tracksuits I was delightfully proved wrong.

Bracing myself I put my hand on the front door expecting 30 heads to turn round and glare.

Instead I was welcomed by a friendly barmaid and a genuine smile.

The building is huge and the front is everything you would expect of a local boozer- pool table, bald heads and beer bellies.

However, escorted round the side and you are in the restaurant; the Orange Rooms (where’s the Orange?) a grand room, with high ceilings and a large fireplace.

You would be forgiven for thinking you were in a quaint pub in Suffolk not a junction on Stonecot hill.

But, who cares what it looks like - I wanted to know if they could cook my £11.50 sirloin steak right: "Rare please - I mean tied up and mooing."

This was the real test and the new chefs did not disappoint the chips were hand cut and crispy the meat bloody and succulent.

They also served my diet coke in a glass bottle; none of this "out of the pump" malarkey.

Even the ketchup was in a glass bottle.

The atmosphere was relaxed however, I get the sense it might feel a bit "lofty" on a quiet day.

Our young waitress was incredibly polite nothing was too little trouble.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed and felt rather guilty for expecting the worst before I went in.

The pub has turned itself around, not only this but the food is relatively cheap and of a good quality.

DECOR: *** Not orange

DRINK: **** A glass bottle nonetheless

PRICE: ***** Cheap

ATMOSPHERE: *** Very relaxed

STAFF: ***** Incredibly polite

The Woodstock, 1 Stonecot Hill, Sutton