Rock ’n’ roll fans must have thought it was too good to be true when legend Jerry Lee Lewis was announced for a show at the Kingsmeadow stadium.

But they will have to wait and see if their hero turns up at next year’s exclusive, intimate gig after a mix-up led to the show being advertised before it has been confirmed with the Great Balls of Fire singer’s people.

Lewis, the last surviving member of the legendary Million Dollar Quartet jam session, also featuring Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash, is due to play three UK shows on his 80th birthday tour next year, his last in Europe.

If a gig on Saturday, June 13, 2015, is one of them, it will be a massive coup for Jim Piddington, Kingsmeadow Live organiser.

Surrey Comet:

The gig was mistakenly advertised before it was confirmed

He apologised to Lewis’ manager Greg Ericson this week after announcing the gig, with UK promoter Sound Craft, before it has been confirmed.

Fans were offered £50 off the £200 ticket price if they pre-ordered before June 11. Two hundred people have expressed interest in tickets for the 300-capacity venue.

But Mr Ericson then said: “We have no agreement to do shows with Sound Craft. If they come up with the money, in advance, we might do shows with them, but as of today we are not.

“We are currently negotiating a few shows for 2015, but that’s all. The only place you will find real shows is on his website.

“If the details are not there they aren’t authorised.”

The gig was removed from Kingsmeadow Live’s website on Thursday.

Mr Piddington said he had apologised for the confusion but hoped the gig would still go ahead.

He said: “I’ve spoken to Greg Ericson, I’ve said sorry, and he seems happy with that. The gig was never confirmed. We were just taking pre-orders to see what sort of interest we would get. If it doesn’t happen then nobody loses any money, as nobody has parted with any.”

Big name bookings do not always work out. Mike Tyson’s promised appearance at Oceana in 2012 never bore fruit, while footballer John Terry had to issue a statement denying he was due at the opening of Reptile Kingdom in Surbiton.

But Mr Piddington said: “We’re working very hard to make it happen – and it could still happen. We really want it to happen.”