It’s been another hectic week in the Underwood household, but what’s new?

Anyone with two little ones at home will understand. Both children have been a joy, especially as the weather has been so bad and they’ve spent most of it indoors.

My son has set up his own little kitchen and I’ve spent many an hour sitting at his little table while I taste his pretend culinary delights, another Masterchef finalist in the making.

Our baby girl is becoming even cuter and funnier every day.

She’s moving around and loves hanging out with her older brother as well as blow raspberries at any given opportunity.

Anyone who knows me since I became a mother will know I do like order and routine. Sometimes my husband laughs at me and thinks I’m slightly crazy, but this week we had a rude awakening and he had an epiphany. 

On Saturday we had to judge a cake baking competition.

The timings were right bang in the middle of our daughter’s big nap. I was a little concerned, but thought it was manageable.

However, I knew things could get tricky after she fell asleep in the car five minutes before we arrived.

She hated being woken up to get into the pram and that was it. She was upset, she didn’t settle, she didn’t want to be nice to anyone.

I had never seen her like that and I felt so bad for disrupting her routine and putting her in this alien environment.

As you can imagine it was all a bit stressful, but Michael was on official duty while I went walkabout with the little ones.

Once home it was a relief for all of us and everyone had a great night’s sleep back in their own comfy beds.