The age-old question that members of this particular game community have wondered since this game release and success in 2010 by the game company and publisher Paradox Interactive.

Victoria II is a Historical Grand Strategy that allows you to play up to 200 nations from 1836-1936 with a deep Economy system, political simulation and easy to understand and intuitive warfare mechanics. Unlike Paradox Interactive’s other and more widely played game franchise, almost all of which are Grand Strategy, Victoria II has not had a sequel in nearly 11 years yet it has managed to maintain a roughly 1000 concurrent players for most of its existence, which compared to other Paradox games especially between 2015 and now with most of them cranking between 10,000 to 30,000 is not entirely bad.

Fans of Victoria II have been waiting surprisingly patiently for the seemingly faraway prospect of Victoria III, even when their hopes were dashed multiple times before. However, things are different and hopefully we may finally see Paradox Interactive at least start development on Victoria III. So how exactly can we be sure that this time, Paradox Interactive may actually announce development of Victoria III?

Evidence that may suggest a possibility for Victoria III being in the works can be found in one of the Dev Diaries for another game made under Paradox called Hearts of Iron 4, specifically regarding the Barbarossa Patch. In the Dev Diary from April 8th, one of the developers announced that railroads would be introduced to HOI4 as part of the Barbarossa Patch. This has lead to multiple speculations by the Victoria II community that Paradox may quietly teased the possibility of Vic III, whilst this may sound like the collective delusion of a community that has waited far too long for a game, it is also important to note that Victoria II saw its concurrent player-base rise to be higher than Imperator’s concurrent player-base (one of paradox Interactive’s newer games).

Only time will tell whether there will truly be a Victoria III or yet another hopeless hype train.