Manchester United have made progression since the signing of Ole Gunnar Solskjær and even more since the signing of Bruno Fernandes. However, 14 points off their rivals Manchester City, loosing to Sheffield united and only winning one game against the Premier League ‘big six’ (2-1 against Manchester City) something needs a change. If Manchester United want to get back to their glory days new players need to be brought in. Manchester United are in dire need of a centre back, central defensive midfielder and a right winger.

Jules Kounde, the French 22-year-old Centre back can be the key to Manchester united Centre back problem, his pace in the Spanish league has had forwards back peddling and he has managed to grab himself a few goals with one stunning solo goal against Barcelona. Due to Harry Maguire missing many chances Manchester United could do with more goals from the back line and set piece plays. However, Sevilla are eying up a large fee for him at about 80 million.

Secondly to fill the void in the middle field Declan Rice could be an amazing option for Manchester United. At 22 years olds he is quickly becoming one of the best central defensive midfielders in the Premier League. As well as this, his leadership qualities could bring more motivation and drive to Manchester United back to the Glory Days. At 22 years old he captains West Ham when Mark Noble is not playing. However, the transfer fee could be up to £80 million due to his talent an the and the amount of interest from other clubs.

Lastly for the Right Winger option the Dortmund star Jadon Sancho is the best fit for Manchester United. He has good connections with some of Manchester United players like Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard. Sancho has become one of the best young players in the world, making his debut for his country and grabbing a few goals to build his profile. Manchester United did make a move for Sancho in the summer but did not want to pay the £108 million but now the price for him would have fallen down but the question remains how many other clubs will make a move for him in the summer.