A local cat owner, Judy explains her journey to finding her missing cat, Elvis, A loving long haired black and white, six-year-old cat, through social media after seven weeks of challenging searching in Feltham. How did Elvis go missing? "We moved to a new property on November sixth 2020 and Elvis went missing on the nineteenth of November 2020". "We started looking for him straight away, every morning, and evening, we used to go for walks with snacks calling his name. My husband used to run to the old address every day, where we were hoping he would return". "we printed posters, posted Elvis everywhere, on lost and found, on a microchip company, pay adds, Facebook and other places too". What does Elvis mean to you? "we have four cats and they are out babies! We love them so much,they give us so much joy and happiness and the house without them is so empty and sad". How was Elvis found? “After six weeks we received a phone call from a lady from Facebook, she sent us a picture of Elvis!,she had fed him three times but Elvis was too scared to let her catch him". "we started to walk to the place where he had been seen and after six days, we found him! He was very skinny but good, No injuries, just very hungry". Judy’s situation is a very fortunate with only two percent of missing cats being found in 2012.